Muppet Theater & Kitchen

What's on the Other Side?

Reward: 3 Diamond

Solution: "Place the rainbow connection decorations besides Kermit."
The rainbow connection decorations consist of the rainbow setpiece and the swamp banjo.

Occupational Hazard

Reward: 3 Diamond

Solution: Place the cannon behind the director's chair in Stage 2: Kitchen.

It's Not That Easy Being Clean

Reward: 4 Diamond

Solution: "Clear out all the obstacles on the Muppet Theater stage."
(Clearing away the dumpster and tarped piano costs 15,000 Coin each and is available at Level 15.)

Cramp My Ride

Reward: 3 Diamond

Solution: "Place the police car beside Big Mo."

Go Big Or Go Home

Reward: 3 Diamond

Solution: "Place the giant badge beside Sam Eagle."


Smoke and Mirrors

Reward: 3 Diamond

Solution: "Place the fog machine beside the vanity".

Insta-Growing Pains

Reward: 4 Diamond

Solutions: "Place the giant prune beside Animal".
(Prune costs 1,000,000 Coin and is available at Level 20.)

Muppet Labs Mayhem

Reward: 4 Diamond

Solution: "Place the Lab and Gorilla Detector beside Beaker."
(Lab costs 500,000 Coin and is available at Level 19.)

Crustacean Casanova

Reward: 3 Diamond

Solution: "Place the Seamstress Mannequin beside Pepe."
(Seamstress Mannequin costs 75,000 Coin and is available at Level 18.)

Where's My Man?

Reward: 3 Diamond

Solution: "Place the Bass Stand beside Janice."
(Bass Stand costs 75,000 Coin and is available at Level 18.)

Great Aspirations

Reward: 4 Diamond

Solution: "Place Bloosman beside Dr. Teeth, Animal, and Janice."

The Ship

Cooped Up

Reward: 3 Diamond

Solution: "Place Camilla beside the Chicken Coop, the Chickee-in-the-Baskee, and some Chickens."

Figure of Speech

Reward: 3 Diamond

Solution: "Place the Figurehead beside the Newsman."
(Figurehead costs 2,000,000 Coin and is available at Level 22.)

Boom Shakalaka

Reward: 3 Diamond

Solution: "Place Boomer and Hera Thump Beside Miss Piggy."

X Marks the Bot

Reward: 3 Diamond

Solution: "Place the 1880's Robot Beside the Treasure Chest."
(Treasure Chest costs 5,000,000 Coin and is available at Level 23.)

Whose Nest is it Anyway?

Reward: 3 Diamond

Solution: "Place some Rats beside the Crow's Nest."
(Crow's Nest costs 1,500,000 Coin.)

Big House

Number One Fan

Reward: 3 Diamond

Solution: "Place the Shrine to Kermit beside Walter."

Short and Sweet

Reward: 3 Diamond

Solution: "Place Rizzo beside Sweetums."

Rattle Your Jewelry

Reward: 3 Diamond

Solution: "Place the Crown Jewels beside Kizzy."

Spork! Spork! Spork!

Reward: 3 Diamond

Solution: "Place the Crown of Sporks Monument beside the Swedish Chef."
(Crown of Sporks Monument costs 65,000 Coin and is available at Level 17.)

Wedding Crashers

Reward: 3 Diamond

Solution: "Place Constantine beside Miss Piggy."


  • Whenever new Goals & Achievements are included in My Muppet Show upgrades, check here for hints, before spending hard-earned Diamonds.
  • Early in the game, focus on the Achievements that are relatively cheap and provide a good return - harder ones will still be there later. (We hope.)
  • If an Achievement costs 10Diamond but only rewards 5Diamond; wait. Wait a while.
  • The First Goal: "Get All Muppets on the ______" (eg Rooftop) is attained by digitizing at least one of every Muppet in the Stage's Market, excluding Special Editions. After this first Goal is completed, Scooter announces a Second Goal of getting one of each of those Muppets to Level 15.
  • Level 15 Muppets can be Dismissed ONLY after the Second Goal: "Get All ______ Muppets to Level 15" appears with Scooter. Scooter remembers them and will award the 10Diamond and the XP once all have been Levelled to 15 - even if they are no longer on the stage. Why Dismiss a Level 15 Muppet? Check out Swapping Muppets.


A few more general Strategies can be found at Goal Strategy.

What can be done with Xp clipped rev 1- filled Achievements once the LVL MAX has been reached? Try Banking With Scooter!

"Whose nest is it anyway?" is a reference to the show "Whose Line is it Anyway?"

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