• Mario2495

    Muppets man I get him!!!!!

    November 27, 2014 by Mario2495

    Today I get muppets man in my show but, now I have replaced muppets show but, good new this show will be the best show even thank to read this blog this Mario2495.

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  • Mario2495

    My ships the great.

    September 6, 2014 by Mario2495
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  • Mario2495
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  • Captain Vegetable

    Muppythagorean Triplets

    Max Coins are an interesting series of numbers, and fairly simple. Each Muppets has a non-unique Base Number to identify their Max Tables.
    The Single-dressers have numbers 5 through 8.
    Double-Dressers have numbers 16 through 34 by 2's.
    Triple-dressers have numbers 38 through 54 by 2's.

    The actual Max Coin value is a function of the Muppets Base Number (BN) multiplied by 40 times Muppet level (LV) plus 10, or:

    BN x [(LEVEL X 40) + 10]

    This means that all Level 1 Muppets have maxes that are multiples of 50.
    Similarly, all Muppet Maxes at Level 15 are multiples of 610. (15 x 40 plus 10.)
    Sometimes the logic behind the game will help puzzle out better gameplay. Sometimes it gives smarty-Artie's something to talk about instead of th…

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