The Deluxe Concession Stand has even more delectable food choices to chow down on!

Bacon N' Eggs
Chicken Pot Pie

Upgrade the concession stand to expand its menu.

Cost: 3,000 Coin
XP: 1,500 Xp clipped rev 1
Sell for: 2,250 Coin
Upgrade to Ultra: 27,750 Coin

Concession Stand PurchasesEdit

Treats Quantity Time Cost XP
Fish 5Food icon clipped rev 1 00:00:00:30 50Coin 25Xp clipped rev 1
Cheeseburger 25Food icon clipped rev 1 00:00:05:00 250Coin 125Xp clipped rev 1
Cake 100Food icon clipped rev 1 00:00:30:00 1,000Coin 500Xp clipped rev 1
Spaghetti 500Food icon clipped rev 1 00:01:00:00 5,000Coin 2,500Xp clipped rev 1
Bacon n Eggs 1,500Food icon clipped rev 1 00:03:00:00 15,000Coin 7,500Xp clipped rev 1
Chicken Pot Pie 7,500Food icon clipped rev 1 00:06:00:00 75,000Coin 37,500Xp clipped rev 1

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