What Muppet Do I Choose?Edit

Here is a simplified example of making choices to optimize Coins using the Muppet Theater Rate chart. The calculations assume a fully upgraded Digitizer and 60 Dressing Rooms. Looking at the Rank by Dress. Room, Floyd has the highest Rate at 119 Coin/minute.

"Rate By Dressing Room" is just that. It is the Rate of coins divided by the number of Dressing Rooms a Muppet occupied.

Rate per


MUPPET 4Like.heart




3Like.heart RATE

(2Like.heart RATE)



119 Floyd 119Coin Zoot 110Coin 3,660Coin 0.5 hr
MUPPETS 60 Floyds
60 x 110Coin
RATE 6,600Coin/ min
MAX OUT TIME 0.55 Hours

Let's fill the stage with Floyds, and end up with 60 of them. Looking at the chart under LIKES (Muppets), Floyd likes Zoot, meaning that the 3Like.heart Rate is used. That is 110Coin, which also extends the time to Max-Out by 2.5 minutes.

34 Zoot 102Coin Animal 94Coin 25,620Coin 4.2 hr
MUPPETS 57 Floyds

+ 1 Zoot

57 x 119Coin

1 x 94Coin

RATE 6,877Coin/ min
MAX OUT TIME 0.51 Hours

Realizing that Floyd's LIKE is Zoot; and; assuming a number of creative Muppet swaps; let's Place one and Dismiss three Floyds. Floyd now uses the 4Like.heart Rate.
Zoot likes the absent Animal, meaning that the 3Like.heart Rate is used, which is 94Coin.

102 Animal 102Coin Big Mo 94Coin 3,660Coin 0.6 hr
MUPPETS 56 Floyds

+ 1 Zoot
+ 1 Animal

56 x 119Coin

1 x 102Coin
1 x 94Coin

RATE 6,860Coin/ min
MAX OUT TIME 0.51 Hours

As Zoot's LIKE is Animal, swapping him for Floyd will bring Zoot's Rate up to 102Coin. Animal only has 3Like.heart and looking at the chart, earns 94Coin per minute.

The highest earning Rate is 57 Floyds and a Zoot.

However, if the player isn't cashing-in on Coins every half-hour (as most don't), this strategy doesn't work. The time period between claiming coins needs to be taken into account. Let's take the opposite strategy and use the highest Max-Out, which is Fozzie at 29,280Coin and coincidentally has the same 4Like.heart Coin Rate as Floyd: 119Coin.

39.7 Fozzie 119Coin Durwood Clapper

& Sam Eagle


& 102Coin

29,280Coin 4.1 hr
MUPPETS 20 Fozzies 20 x 102Coin
RATE 2,040Coin/ min
MAX OUT TIME 4.78 Hours

Looking at Fozzie in the chart, he has two LIKES that are Muppets - Durwood Clapper and Sam Eagle. If the stage is loaded with Fozzies, this makes his 2Like.heart Rate 102Coin.

Even after an hour and Maxing out, 60 Floyds have made 80% more than 20 Fozzies. The reversal of fortune comes at 1.8 hours when 20 Fozzie's earnings pull ahead and go on to out-perform 60 Floyds by 270%.

119 Sam Eagle 119Coin Jax Strumley 110Coin 3,050Coin 0.4 hr
16.5 Durwood Clapper 33Coin Jax Strumley

& Snowth



12,200Coin 6.2 hr
MUPPETS 19 Fozzies

1 Sam Eagle
1 Durwood Clapper

19 x 119Coin

1 x 110Coin
1 x 28Coin

RATE 2,399Coin/ min
MAX OUT TIME 4.10 Hours

Returning to the table, Fozzie needs two 'LIKES' to reach full RATE. If the player digitizes Sam Eagle and Durwood Clapper; in a fair exchange for one Fozzie; the Rate goes up to 119Coin. (But the Max-Out value would drop.)

Notice that Jax Strumley is a 'Like' of both Sam Eagle and Durwood Clapper, and it would be worthwhile adding him to see the effect on the Rate. One obvious note: a single 2-dresser cannot replace a 3-dresser. In order to balance the Dressing Rooms, 2 Fozzies need to be Dismissed, and 3 Jax Strumleys Digitized in their place.

59.5 Jax Strumley 119Coin Big Mo 110Coin 13,420Coin 1.9 hr
MUPPETS 17 Fozzies

1 Sam Eagle
1 Durwood Clapper
3 Jax Strumleys

17 x 119Coin

1 x 119Coin
1 x 30Coin

3 x 110Coin

RATE 2,502Coin/ min
MAX OUT TIME 4.10 Hours

Without his Muppet 'like', Jax Strumley earns 110Coin. However, he does bring Sam Eagle up to 4Like.heart and Durwood Clapper up to 3. Thus their Rates are 119Coin and 30Coin. The increase in Rate should not be surprising, as 3 2-dressers are replacing 2 3-dressers; and they both have the same Rate of income. This makes Jax Strumley's income 150% of Fozzies.

This isn't an endorsement of a single-Muppet stage; rather an exercise in discovering how to optimize the players' favorite Muppets. (Although the Multi-Fozzie is cool, and a puzzle to get the last one!). The same method can be used to perform more complicated analyses on the Muppets on a player's stage to bring in more coins.