Kitchen Earning Ranked by Dressing Room(s)Edit

1 Dressing Room 2 Dressing Rooms 3 Dressing Rooms
Rate per


MUPPET 4Like.heart




3Like.heart RATE

(2Like.heart RATE)



135 Floyd 135Coin Zoot 126Coin 3,050Coin 0.4 hr
119 Animal 119Coin Big Mo 110Coin 3,660Coin 0.5 hr
102 Rowlf 102Coin Walter 94Coin 4,270Coin 0.7 hr
102 Swedish Chef 102Coin Veggies 94Coin 4,880Coin 0.8 hr
79.3 Lew Zealand 238Coin Kermit 220Coin 26,840Coin 1.9 hr
73.7 Marvin Suggs 221Coin Beaker 207Coin 30,500Coin 2.3 hr
68 Walter 204Coin Kermit 189Coin 24,400Coin 2.0 hr
68 Kermit 204Coin The Divettes 189Coin 23,180Coin 1.9 hr
67.5 Kizzy 135Coin Jax Strumley 126Coin 15,860Coin 2.0 hr
59.5 Veggies 119Coin Rowlf 110Coin 18,300Coin 2.6 hr
59.5 Jax Strumley 119Coin Big Mo 110Coin 17,080Coin 2.4 hr
56.7 Zoot 170Coin Animal 158Coin 30,500Coin 3.0 hr
56.7 Beaker 170Coin Chickens 158Coin 29,280Coin 2.9 hr
56.7 Rizzo 170Coin Gonzo 158Coin 28,060Coin 2.8 hr
56.7 Gonzo 170Coin The Divettes 158Coin 26,840Coin 2.6 hr
51 Big Mo 102Coin Swedish Chef 94Coin 19,520Coin 3.2 hr
51 The Divettes 102Coin Kizzy 94Coin 18,300Coin 3.0 hr
42.5 Chickens 85Coin Rizzo 79Coin 20,740Coin 4.1 hr

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