Standing behind the Podium gives a Muppet a real sense of importance and patriotism. Some may even choose to give a speech, but don't worry, it's not miked.



Cost 500 Coin
Dismissal Value 375 Coin
XP 125 Xp clipped rev 1

Likes by StageEdit

Stage Liked By

Sam Eagle





The Ship


The Newsman

Sam Eagle

Big House

Swedish Chef


Mahna Mahna

The Podium is available at Level 8.

Muppet Show AppearancesEdit


Sam Eagle uses the podium quite often to present his uniquely conservative, morally-centred viewpoint. Whether nudity, crime, or the greatness of American industry and culture, Sam Eagle has an opinion, though he doesn't always manage to maintain it during his speech.

On the issue of "namby-pamby conservationists" he says, "It is my duty to talk to you about the glory of industry and technology. .. These ...WEIRDOS... would stop the march of progress for the sake of a few insignificant animals..." Such as the American Bald Eagle, he points out in Episode 217, before stopping his rant.


On shock-rock musicians, Sam has a definite opinion and it is shared by Alice Cooper. (The Muppet Show Episode 307)

Sam Eagle to Alice Cooper: "Let me come right to the point. You, sir, are a demented, sick, degenerate, barbaric, naughty... FREAKO!!"

Alice Cooper: "Why thank you."

Sam Eagle: " ooooh. Freako's :One. Civilization: Zero."

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