These charts use Level 15 stats to lay out which Muppets will best produce coins over time. Muppets are ranked by Rate of Coins per Dressing Room; where their income has been divided by the number of Dressing Rooms.

A Sample 'Per Dressing Room' Dilemma:

  • Level 15, Muppet Theater Floyd and Fozzie are very different Muppets, with one exception. Their 4Like.heart income Rate is the same at 119 Coin. Floyd maxes in 1/2 hour, but Fozzie goes on for over 4 hours, maxing at 8 times as many Coins. Who's the better Muppet?

For a quick tutorial, check out How to Use the 'By Dressing Room' Tables.

When doing calculations, remember to take into account 'likes. Two (in a few cases three) values are given for the Rate of Coins, depending on the number of 'likes'.

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Ranking Muppets by Rate of IncomeEdit

Tap the stage you're looking to optimize. Tap here for Smart-Phone Friendly Tables.

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