If a player doesn't collect Coins regularly, they need a strategy based on Max-Coins. The 'Coin icon' appears over a Muppet when they are more than half way to Maxed out - if it's not claimed then they soon stop earning.

These charts use Level 15 stats to lay out which Muppets will best produce coins if they Max Out. Muppets are ranked by Max per Dressing Room; where their Max Coins have been divided by the number of a Muppet's Dressing Rooms. While this changes nothing in the Muppet Theater, differences in rank appear in further Stages.

A Sample Max Coin 'Per Dressing Room' Dilemma:Edit

  • Level 15, Rooftop Janice and Kizzy are both ladies in the band with Maxes of 28,060 and 19,520; and 3 and 2 Dressing Rooms, respectively. Janice's Max is higher. Is this better?
  • Dividing Max Coins by Dressing Rooms shows Janice's Max at 9,353Coin Per Dressing Room and Kizzy's at 9,760! Kizzy's Actual Maxes out value is higher.
  • Test it. The stage will hold 30 Kizzys for a total Max of 585,600 Coins or 20 Janices for a total of 561,200. That's 24,400 less.
  • 'Likes' do not influence the Max Coins value, only the Time it takes to get there.

Ranking Muppets by Max CoinsEdit

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