Rooftop Earning Ranked by Dressing Room(s)Edit

1 Dressing Room 2 Dressing Rooms 3 Dressing Rooms
Rate per


MUPPET 4Like.heart




3Like.heart RATE

(2Like.heart RATE)



187 Dr. Teeth 187Coin Kizzy 174Coin 3,660Coin 0.3 hr
187 Rowlf 187Coin Veggies 174Coin 3,050Coin 0.3 hr
170 Animal 170Coin Durwood Clapper 158Coin 3,660Coin 0.4 hr
152 Sam Eagle 152Coin Jax Strumley 141Coin 4,880Coin 0.5 hr
93.5 Bloosman 187Coin Zoot 174Coin 15,860Coin 1.4 hr
89.3 Floyd SE 268Coin Janice 249Coin 30,000Coin 1.9 hr
85.3 Gonzo SE 256Coin Kermit 237Coin 32,940Coin 2.1 hr
85.3 Mahna Mahna 256Coin Snowth 237Coin 26,840Coin 1.7 hr
85 Jax Strumley 170Coin Bloosman 158Coin 17,080Coin 1.7 hr
85 Durwood Clapper 170Coin Sam Eagle 158Coin 15,860Coin 1.6 hr
79.3 Pepe 238Coin Dr. Teeth 220Coin 25,620Coin 1.8 hr
76 Kizzy 152Coin Janice 141Coin 19,520Coin 2.1 hr
76 Veggies 152Coin Rowlf 141Coin 18,300Coin 2.0 hr
73.7 Beaker 221Coin Kermit 205Coin 31,720Coin 2.4 hr
73.7 Kermit 221Coin Beaker 205Coin 29,280Coin 2.2 hr
73.7 Janice 221Coin Pepe 205Coin 28,060Coin 2.1 hr
68 Zoot 204Coin Animal 189Coin 29,280Coin 2.4 hr
67.5 Snowth 135Coin Mahna Mahna 126Coin 19,520Coin 2.4 hr

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