The 'Likes' cycle

To optimize the Rate that a Muppet earns Coins, all of the "Likes" must be provided for. This is where the 'Likes' Cycle comes into play - small groups of Muppets that mutually reinforce each other's Likes.


Decorations-as-'likes' are fairly straightforward - just buy them. Easy; with the exception of the million-Coin Muppet bank-busters. For example, Pepe, Rats and the Chickens like the 5 million Coin Treasure Chest on The Ship.

  • Buy all the Decorations that a Stage's Muppets like.


If the player is keeping one of every Muppets on a stage, then this strategy is unneeded; unnecessary; leading the player on; not delivering as promised; a stopped clock; a speed bump on the road to progress; a veritable 'time-parasite' if you will. So skip it.

  • If all the Muppets are on a stage, then all the 'Likes' that are Muppets - they are covered.
  • Special Edition Muppets have not been used as Likes.

4 Likes Good. 2 Likes BadEdit

Once low-level or low-earning Muppets are Dismissed, there needs to be a plan to keep the remaining Muppets with 4Like.heart. Keeping the Cycle grouping together when other Muppets are Dismissed will accomplish this. Optimizing the Rate of earning coins can get very dicey - particularly in the Kitchen where there is not a single 'Likes' Cycle.


The basic Cycle is illustrated in the Rooftop and Big House - Mahna Mahna and Snowth 'Like' each other. So long as all their Decorations are bought, they don't require any other Muppets to earn full Rate. On a stage with only decorations, 10 Mahna Mahnas and 15 Snowths, all Muppets would still have 4Like.heart.

Note: While Snowth and Mahna Mahna 'like' each other in the Muppet Theater, Snowth also 'likes' Sam Eagle, which creates a convoluted 'likes' soap opera of the low earners.

'Likes' CyclesEdit

Mahna Mahna likes Snowth Sam Eagle likes Jax Strumley
Snowth likes Mahna Mahna

& Sam Eagle

Jax Strumley likes Big Mo
Big Mo likes Durwood Clapper
Durwood Clapper likes Snowth &

Jax Strumley

Mahna Mahna likes Snowth Beaker likes Kermit
Snowth likes Mahna Mahna Kermit likes Beaker
Kizzy likes Janice
Janice likes Pepe
Pepe likes Dr. Teeth
Dr. Teeth likes Kizzy
Boomer likes Pepe Crazy Harry likes 1880's Robot
Pepe likes Hera Thump 1880's Robot likes Kizzy
Hera Thump likes Boomer Kizzy likes Crazy Harry
Camilla likes Chickens Kermit likes Miss Piggy
Chickens like Camilla Miss Piggy likes Kermit
Rats like Myron Bellows Sam Eagle likes The Newsman
Myron Bellows likes Fozzie The Newsman likes Sam Eagle
Fozzie likes Rowlf
Rowlf likes Rats
Chickens like Swedish Chef Mahna Mahna likes Snowth
Swedish Chef likes Chickens Snowth likes Mahna Mahna
Beaker likes Walter
Walter likes Beaker

A Muppet That Likes Themself?Edit

In the Big House, Constantine, Miss Piggy, and Durwood Clapper each like four decorations - they stand alone. A stage with 20 Constantines or 30 Durwood Clappers would have all their Likes and earn top Coin.

Try the same idea on The Ship, and the player would require the 'Like' Cycle strategy.

'Likes' Cycle At WorkEdit


On The Ship, Hera Thump has the highest Rate of Coins per Dressing Room. Assuming 1 1/2 hr period between the collection of Coins (arrived at in My Best Collection Times) and 12 hours of gameplay:

What produces the most coins?

30 Hera Thump 4,082,400
26 Hera Thump 3,818,880
2 Pepe 393,120
1 Boomer 122,400
20 Crazy Harry 3,168,000
19 Crazy Harry 3,255,840
1 1880's Robot 39,040 1
1 Kizzy 134,640

1 - using 8x maximum to pro-rate for 15 min max-out.

Note: These are not the highest combinations possible, just an example of improving the outcome with 'Like' Cycles.

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